Have Unlimited Dev, Design & UX for a single price.

Scale your product in an agile and simple way, for a fair price.


Scale your product in an intelligent way.

DevMagic.Unlimited is the choice for companies that want to keep growing without escalating their costs and risks.

AngularJS, React, Flutter, VueJS, and Ionic, coded by high-level developers.

High-Level Development


Have a predictable, scalable, and flexible development, continuously in your roadmap.

Responsive systems or native mobile apps. You call the shots!


A complete delivery, from research to storymap, including prototypes.

Design products that enchant

Build modern, attractive, and responsive interfaces for your product.

Evolve and think of new functionalities with the help of our team.

Build fluid and low-friction experiences.

Experiences that Generate More Value


Think about the user experience down to the smallest detail to turn them into fans of your product.

Make the Look and Feel work positively for your product.

Hire us today...

And get unlimited development to accelerate your product developtment


Everything to develop your product, from start to finish.

Optimize your users' experiences through rich interfaces.


Think about every detail of the solutions to enchant your users.


Understand the potential of your solutions before starting to develop.


Have solutions with optimized costs and ready to scale.



Connect to your partners and suppliers without headaches.

Develop your product with the best technologies and frameworks.

Is everything really included in a single price?

Yeah! No small letters or unwanted surprises. The monthly fee covers all development, design, user experience, quality testing, and development management needs.

How can I expand the development capacity?

On DevMagic Unlimited, you can expand the development capacity as you wish.

For example: to execute 2 demands simultaneously, you need to have 2 active contracts.

Is there a minimum hiring period?

Yes, as this is a service that relies on the scheduled availability of multiple professionals, there is a minimum hiring period of 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Unlimited Requests

A single price to accelerate your product

Save money and have high-quality development for your product.

(Subject to availability)

USD $5,490


(executed one at a time)

Weekly alignment meeting

Weekly service reports

Project management support

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